STORYTELLING entertains, uplifts, inspires, teaches, confirms, engages, reflects, clarifies, mystifies, challenges, heals, transforms, enlivens, awakens, acknowledges, connects, humors, builds bridges, opens doors, brightens your day!

SANDY TAYLOR is a storyteller, author and director of Rainbow Child International. She has been performing and teaching in preschools to retirement homes, and from theaters to schools to prisons, for over 35 years. Her programs are all participatory, engaging, and flexible meeting requests for specific themes or occasions.

StoryTools for PeaceMaking (Elementary - adult)
An introduction to solving problems creatively and peacefully with insightful, entertaining, world-wisdom stories, that provide tools for dealing with conflict, teasing, bullying, tattling, gossip, blame, peer-pressure, assertiveness and self-esteem. For families, schools, and workplaces. Workbook available.

LOVE STORIES (Teen - adult)
When love calls us, off we soar on its wings and our imaginations, Love lost we plunge to the depths. WE fly, we crash, we take off again. In these stories love is explored in some of its many forms: infatuation, attraction, devotion, agape &.Why are we so addicted to love?

MYTHS and HERO'S JOURNEYS (Elementary – adult)
With THE PEACEMAKER, return to the Iroquois roots of the United States Constitution where PEACE is the LAW. This is the story of the Iroquois Five Nations, who had been living in a sea of terror and bloodshed for hundreds of years. Their transformation to a peaceful confederacy holds keys for a non-violence solution for today ?s conflicts. We are all heros in our life journey. Have you taken charge of your own script? JUMPING MOUSE, SAVITRI, DEMETER and PERSEPHONE, ODDYSSEY.

SCARY STORIES (Elementary – adult)
BOO! Stories of witches, skeletons, bones and death are not only meant to frighten. These stories of encounters with scary forces hold the wisdom for living a full, rich life, where fears, sorrows and joys can be equally expressed.

NATURE AND THE SEASONS (Pre-school – adult)
Stories of the Earth, the trees, birds, animals and the elements explore the mysteries and wonders of nature and our inner nature with artifacts to touch, see, or wear. Make story, song and dance part of any seasonal celebration!

CULTURAL IMMERSIONS (Preschool – adult)
Stories from India, China, Japan, Ghana, Russia, Greece, Israel, Persia, Native America, Hawaii, Mexico widen and enrich our perspectives and understanding of life and relationships. The stories unlock keys to understanding how others think and feel. May be presented as a single culture or a variety of cultures.

SACRED STORIES (Elementary – adult)
Chosen from world religions, these stories demonstrate a unity of appreciation for the Divine in a myriad of diverse perspectives and forms. With these stories our interconnectedness, sacredness and interdependence become clear.

GIRLS' AND WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT (Middle school – adult)
Restory your life! Stories ignite the heroine within, while addressing age appropriate issues.


Storytheater and Mimesis
Learn the art of storytelling with professional storyteller, Sandy Taylor, who has been delighting audiences of all ages since 1984. During residencies students prepare for a full stage production. Workshops include interactive drama games to elucidate the hero's journey. Mimesis, a process of interfacing a story with one's personal journey, helps to conceptualize and contextualize issues and concerns, while offering new possibilities for solutions and resolutions.

GIRL POWER and FEMPOWER Speaking and listening skills are enhanced through the art of storytelling and drama games. Build confidence, access creativity, take on challenges, resolve conflicts, create possibility for an extraordinary life. Age appropriate stories and related cultural arts.

CULTURAL IMMERSIONS Along with the stories, there are dances, songs, games, and a treasure chest of arts and artifacts and slides or video to deepen and enrich an immersion into a world of unfamiliar perceptions and ideologies.




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