Earth Wind Fire Water 
Its a show, a celebration, a workshop

Student Workshop and Teacher In-Service
This foundation or introduction to any cultural arts program builds awareness of our relationships with others and with nature. Experience the four elements which make up life: earth, wind, fire and water with scientific experiments, the senses, art and celebration. 

Student Performance
A fun-filled hour of surprising and fantastic stories from around the world about flight, water and water creatures, and the source of earth's energy, the sun. Performance is sprinkled with catchy songs and a short movement exercise: 5 Element Tai Chi

Council for the Earth
An interdisciplinary, ecological and cultural arts program for all ages that addresses the need to honor and cherish the environment. The Council is designed to address the individuals sense of loss of a healthy and safe environment and transform with intuition, creativity and community to reclaim self-esteem and a fresh committment to restore eacth's delicate balance. In an atmosphere of celebration the workshop includes nature observation, sensory exercises, adoption of an 'earth role' to represent, maskmaking, speaking in council, songs and dance.

Survival Skills
Learn how to build a survival hut from sticks and leaves or a grass wickiup. Make a wild salad. Find medicinal plants for cuts and bruises, mosquito bites and poison ivy and make a healing salve.Learn how to find drinkable water and how to build a fire without matches. Make a basket out of vines and form a pot out of clay.

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