Creative Problem Solving and
Non-violent Conflict Management

with Sandy Taylor

For students: Empowering edutainment designed to bring peace within, in the family, school, neighborhood and workplace. Insightful, entertaining worldwisdom STORY ASSEMBLIES
provide tools for dealing with conflict, teasing, bullying tattling, blame, peer pressure, assertiveness and self-esteem.

For parents, teachers and administrators: Workshop supports conflict resolution and creative problem solving at home and at school. Based on the stories presented to the students, parents learn the how-to of the peace process. Combines with the student assembly and CD, StoryTools for PeaceMaking, of stories to take home.

Through stories that are both insightful and entertaining, the audience is introduced to the how-to of the peace process. Gems of wisdom are gleaned from stories from China, India, Japan, Ghana, Nigeria, Israel, Persia, Native America and Mexico. Or choose for older students, THE PEACEMAKER assembly, and return to the Iroquois roots of the United States Constitution where Peace is the Law (forth grade and up). Characterizations, audience participation, rhythm and song make the stories come alive. Poignant questions personalize the stories’ metaphors, clarify the methods and structures for non-violent conflict resolution and creative problem solving. The performance may be followed by breakout discussions for further application of the lessons to specific concerns and issues.

CD: StoryTools for PeaceMaking with Sandy Taylor StoryTeller and Frank Michael D'Cristo Musician and Vocalist

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