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Sandy Taylor
Founder/Director of Rainbow Child International
Storyteller, author and multicultural teaching artist

Sandy teaches about nature through interactive discovery with performance, in-service training, student workshop or residency. Her programs are designed to help participants become more aware of their own needs and the needs of the environment.
For over thirty years, Sandy has been a student of philosophy, psychology and cultural practices. She combines her experience with storytelling, song and dance in a celebration that uplifts and inspires the human spirit. Sandy brings her performances and workshops for all ages (preschool to senior citizens) to a variety of venues --including Temple University's Multicultural Training and Research Institute, Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, World Affairs Council, schools, libraries, conferences, camps, scouts, community centers, churches and theaters -- and is now internationally known having performed in Russia, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba and Israel. She served as Executive Director of the Seventh Generation Conference on Peace, Children and the Environment in Moscow.

Sarah Taylor M.Ed., Codirector of Rainbow Child International; a dancer, singer and percussionist. She has taught Dances of Universal Peace, multi-cultural circle dances, for over 10 years and has worked with children her entire career. She has traveled extensively and loves sharing the songs and dances of the world with groups of children.  She is a certified teacher in Pennsylvania.

Our programs are for large or small audiences of single or mixed age groups. Please call for a quote for an assembly, workshop (single or series), a conference, parents’ night, a fundraiser, international day or an in-service for teachers. We would love to come to your school to teach your students from our wealth of music, songs, dances, stories and peace building materials. 

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Maureena Spadaro is a certified therapeutic harpist, relaxation specialist and singer. As a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program, Meridian Shiatsu Institute, Jin Shin Do Foundation, and the Academy of Massage Sciences, Maureena integrates a total wholeness approach for children to focus in and feel good about themselves. Various aspects include deep breathing, singing with the harp, singing bowls, body tuners, and basic techniques for self-acupressure. Her delightful heaven filled program is for students to remember how to relax and be at peace within their bodies. She is the founder of Harps of Mercy® serving Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware regions. 610-565-7170 Download Flyer

Kwadwo Asafo-Agyei Okrah, Ph.D.
Former State Linguist of Ghana

Dr. Okrah is Director of the Center for Global Education and Assistant Professor of Education at Indiana University South Bend. Educated in Ghana and the United States, Dr. Okrah earned a B.A. degree in Religious Studies and Linguistics with a concurrent diploma in Education from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He entered the Ohio University, earning an MA in International Affairs and Ph.D. in Social Studies Education (Curriculum and Instruction). While working on his doctorate, he did presentations and residencies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey from pre-schools to Colleges and other social institutions with the Rainbow Child International as a consultant on African (Ghanaian) culture.
Dr. Okrah has a record experience in teaching elementary, middle and high schools in Ghana. He also worked with the Center for National Culture in Ghana as both a research officer and Traditional Norms and Practices consultant. He was appointed the distinguished position of The State Linguist of the Republic of Ghana, National and Presidential Poet Laureate and Advisor to the President on Cultural Affairs and Protocol.

Dr. Okrah is the author of numerous books and articles on African culture and Educational issues including:
Ghana Arts & Culture for Home & Classroom with Sandy Taylor
African Indigenous Knowledge and Science with Sandy Taylor
By the Fireside (Akan Oral Tradition)
Toward Global Conflict Resolution: Lessons from Akan Chieftaincy and Judicial Systems
Academic Colonization and Africa’s Underdevelopment
Religious Education, Multiculturalism and the Law of Inclusion: Dilemmas the US Public Schools Face

Dr. Okrah, a master orator, whose charismatic delivery is filled with information (a veritable human encyclopedia of Ghanaian culture) and humor, captivates and delights his audiences. He is available for lectures/demonstrations, facilitation of workshops and seminars, and keynote addresses. His many subjects of expertise include, but not limited to the following:
Baby Names and Outdooring Ceremony, Rites of Passage, Marriage and Weddings, Funeral Celebrations, Proverbs, Storytelling for Children, Storytelling for Adults, Traditional Cultural Arts (Ancestral Stools, Adinkra Cloth, Kente Cloth, Beads, Music, Songs and Dance), Chieftaincy Structure (Judiciary System, Conflict Solving, Inheritance, Enstoolment of Chiefs), History and Geography of Ghana, Traditional Religion, Traditional Healing (Herbal, Spiritual), Traditional Prayers (Libation Pouring), Ghanaian Values, Family and Community System and Ghanaian Indigenous Science. Programs include a participatory demonstration of Ghanaian music.

Contact us for more information and to book any of our artists for
performance, workshop, seminar, residency or keynote.

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