Grandmothers, Aunties and Godmothers will be trained to advocate for normal, natural birth and to develop a network on volunteers to support low-income mother-baby pairs pre-delivery and post delivery. Grandmothers will be trained to offer both emotional and physical support. 

A community of Grandmothers will offer information on prenatal care and provide references for medical care and other support resources. After birth grandmothers will visit families two to three times a week. They will offer assistance in the home with tasks too difficult or overwhelming for the new mother to handle. They will be trained in nurturing foot, hand and back massage. With reduced stress and nurturance for herself, she will be able to better attend to her job of nurturing her newborn.

Bringing babies into a loving and welcoming family to which they are bonded is a baseline preventative of child abuse, behavioral disorders and serious social problems caused by fear-based feelings of rejection, depression, or abandonment. By promoting positive parenting practices for the unborn and newborn, children will have the foundation for reaching their full potential for emotional well-being and intellectual capacity.

SandyTaylor has joined with Suzanne Arms, author of THE IMMACULATE DECEPTION and Director of BIRTHING THE FUTURE in an effort to create GRANDMOTHER CIRCLES around the country. She is coordinating the planned launch of the Circles in Philadelphia with the PRIME Institute (Partners Researching to Improve Multicultural Effectiveness) at Drexel University College of Medicine, Behavioral Health Care Education (BHE).

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