Rainbow Child offers an exclusive selection of books and tapes that elucidate and communicate authentic traditional culture to inspire and move the student to a deeper understanding of the planet we share. Large quantities are available on special order. Student workshops and teacher-in-service trainings are available to further augment the following materials.


By Dr.Kwadwo Asafo-Agyei Okrah, Ph.D. and Sandy Taylor

AFRICAN INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE is an investigative study of the relationship between science and religion, indigenous and modern science, and folklore and reality.Written for students, teachers, educators and scholars at all levels, AFRICAN INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCE is an extremely important multicultural education resource for social studies and physical science curriculums. This book illustrates that a body of traditional scientific knowledge exists, interdependent with the sacred. It highlights how indigenous science is applied to community life, through ecology, economy, religion and folk arts. As the authors demonstrate the relationship between ancient African wisdom and modern science, they explore aspects of traditional, indigenous life that can help resolve today's ecological imbalance. Activities follow each chapter.


By Dr.K. Asafo-Agyei Okrah, State Linguist of Ghana, Ph.D. Social Studies Education
with Sandy Taylor, Director Rainbow Child International

A rare, in-depth exploration of Ghanaian arts and living, written by one of Ghana's top cultural specialists. Baby massages, names and naming ceremony, market and trade, homemaking traditions; authentic recipes, ancestral stools, kente and adinkra cloth, games, songs and dance--- many details of Ghanaian life are revealed to the public for the first time.


By Sandy Taylor

Know the as planet home and provider. This playful and enlightening book shares participatory activities for children exploring the sciences, the senses, cultural celebrations and art. Includes primitive living and survival skills, discovery parties, songs, games, foods and ways to live in balance and harmony.

By Sandy Taylor, Director Rainbow Child International

An audio tape with inspiring stories and songs from around the world. Stories from ancestors, about the environment and life in harmony. Includes Octupus Lady (Nootka), The Earth is Our Mother (Song from the Bear Tribe Medicine Society); The Magic Fish (Russia); The Great Shong Tree (China); Seiwaa (Ghana); Head Hand Leg and Stomach (Ghana); Great Spirit of the Toad (Japan); Indian Prayer (India); Rainbow Child (Sandy Taylor); Life is Like a Crystal in the Sun (Unknown)


StoryTools for PeaceMaking
SandyTaylor StoryTeller
Frank Michael D'Cristo Accompaniment and Vocalist

Each of the stories presented on this CD were selected because imbedded in each one lies some aspect of conflict resolution: • Speaking the truth to others and yourself • Looking to see where you might be wrong• Taking responsibility for and control of your attitude• Not taking things personally• Checking out your assumptions • Avoiding blame• Focusing on what you can do to make improvements• Suggesting win-win solutions• Forgiving, apologizing and making reparations. With this ‘new mInd” conflicts can be resolved peacefully. Stories include:

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The Treasure Chest from Ghana includes authentic arts and artifacts used by Ghanaians in daily life: a small drum, iron castanets, double gong, beaded gourd rattle, audio tape of lively highlife music, colorful powder glass bead necklace, bamboo bead necklace, hand printed adinkra cloth, adinkra gourd stamps, kente cloth strip, miniature ancestal stool, fan, grinding dish, gourd drinking bowl, wooden paddle, gold dust box and assortment of gold weights used in trade, lappa (skirt) and head wrap, child's outfit in kente pattern, oware (Ghana's national game) and fertility doll.

The Chest is presented in an attractive kente covered box along with a copy of GHANA: ARTS & CULTURE FOR HOME & CLASSROOM with simple instructions for making and/or using the above objects with descriptions of their history and symbolism, an audio tape teaching pronunciation and melodies of game songs and instructions on basic Ghanaian rhythms and a video demonstrating Adowa and Highlife dance steps and headwraps for women.

Brazilian Birthing Dolls

The dolls are 14 inches long, made of cloth, and come in a variety of skin tones and hair color including cream (with black, brown or blond hair), light brown, dark brown, or black (with black hair). This pregnant mother doll and baby doll are used to illustrate normal childbirth, bonding and breast-feeding. The baby is delivered with the umbilical cord and the placenta attached.

The birthing and nursing dolls are hand made in Brazil. The sale of the dolls benefit the international efforts of the PIPaz Project, Early Childhood for Peace. PiPaz aims to improve the quality of early childhood (including intrauterine life and birth practices).

DOLLS ARE OUT OF STOCK till January 2013!

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