•Tracey Palmer
World Affairs Council
      Ms. Taylor is a remarkable artist whose commitment to education will no doubt make a significant contribution to any organization. Her ability to work with diverse groups of students of all ages on many topics is a true test of her professionalism. She has my highest recommendation. 

•Francesca Charles
Mullica Hill Friends Peace Fair Chairperson
         Your stories were fascinating, and captured not only the attention of our squirmy third graders, but also the adults helping out. They didn’t want to leave until the whole story time was finished.

•Ted Ehmann
Teacher from Mullica Hill School
         Sandy Taylor is an authentic, creative and high-energy teacher and artist of extraordinary depth, talent and versatility. She is my most cherished and reliable resource for a wide variety of cultural programs and workshops.
         A few of the children found your seminar an emotional outlet that they rarely encounter. The children’s listening skills were primed, and I felt, because they were listening so well, their vulnerability and empathy was high. I’ve never seen a few of my boys so expressive and sensitive. 

•Claire Borits
Elkins Park Free Library (she is no longer there)
         Parents have expressed their appreciation at the quality of your performance and for the message of brotherhood and responsibility. I strongly believe, as you do, that we can all learn to be worldwise. I am happy to recommend your skill, performance and content of your programs. 

•Shelley Rosenberg
Jewish Exponent
         Taylor’s message to children is that their lives are valuable and that they have a contribution to make. She encourages them to tell the world that there are choices to make and their decisions will affect the health of the earth for generations to come.

Lisa Bainbridge
Troop Scoop (Girs Scout Newsletter)
         A wonderful, enlightening program that can be geared to any age group. 

•Lynne Slack Shedlock
Scranton Times
         The children at Lincoln-Jackson Elementary School squealed with delight as storyteller Sandy Taylor twisted her body into something resembling the tentacles of an octopus as she recited a Nootka tale. The students listened with noisy enthusiasm, eagerly joining in on the chants, songs and hand motions, oblivious to the fact that they were also learning a message of self-worth, respect for others and respect for the environment. 

•Toby  Perloff
Green Circle Program
         Your enthusiasm, passion, flexibility, adaptability and vision were instrumental in making Green Circle’s first ever Youth Track a success. I can’t stress how loving and supportive your presence was. Thank you for your spirit, your clarity of purpose and your dedication to loving the Earth. Being in the presence of one such as yourself, who so clearly knows why she’s on the planet, helped to align my own potential.  

•Mary Lou Dallam
Arts in Special Education Project of PA
         The Director of the District Learning Center in reference to the African Arts and Culture teleconference produced by Rainbow Child International, “The teleconference was the best ever!”

• Stas Ziolkowski
Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD
         Sandy is incredible, awesome, fantastic, educational and inspirational!  I am on cloud nine because of the program yesterday!  Thanks for your wonderful performance.

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