Culturally, in the United States (if not in most of the world) we have accepted childbirth in hospitals to be the norm. We generally feel we are in the hands of professionals, who with the help of technology, know best how to safely deliver our children. Statistics have shown that with some modifications to hospital routine, infant mortality can be significantly reduced, along with other complications and at the same time there will be greater opportunities for mothers and babies to bond. From the study of birth from both first-world and third-world countries, there is much to consider and adopt or relearn. This applies to birth at home, at birthing centers, or hospitals. Women of diverse cultures will be served better and wisdom of traditional midwifery abroad can inspire positive change in the United States. Establishing respect for women’s intuition and their ability to know what is happening in their own bodies is a start. Transforming fear leading up to, during, and following birth is key to reducing complications. By studying birthing systems in other cultures, we are shown many ways to enhance what is normal and natural thereby eliminating the need for medical intervention in a majority of cases.


CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BIRTH seminars will include powerpoint lecture with visuals and videos and demonstration of birth practices that work with the mother’s and her baby’s own rhythms and physiology. The seminar covers the following topics:

•Birth preparation

•Setting the scene: place of birth, privacy, light

•Attendants and support system



•Shower, warm bath, hot towels

•Movement and birthing positions

•Drinking fluids and eating


•Stress reduction

•Facing fear

•Singing, chanting, moaning, humor

•Cleaning up resentment, hate, guilt


•Protective symbols

•Taboos and superstitions

•Power distribution

•Optimizing pleasure and spiritual experience

•Communication with the baby

•Umbilical cord and placenta beliefs



Following the CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BIRTH seminars, we offer

intensive hands-on practicum workshops to translate awareness gained from the cultural perspectives seminar into skills. Selected from a variety of first and third world cultures, non-invasive techniques and skills that support pregnancy, normal-natural birth, and the bonding process will be offered to health care professionals and lay people.

•Alternative medicine: Herbal remedies, Homeopathy, Reiki, Auryveda, Aromatherapy

•Massage: Turning a breech, shift a transverse or posterior, Perineum massage to avoid tears,

•Relaxation massage, Acupressure, Reflexology, Cranial-sacral, Baby massage

•Physical and emotional aids

•Pain management techniques

•How to naturally stimulate the production of oxytosin to start labor or make contractions effective

•Preventing a tear or hemorrhage

• In-service credit is available for health care professionals who complete the seminar and workshops


CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BIRTH is collaboration of RCI (Rainbow Child International) with the PRIME Institute (Partners Researching to Improve Multicultural Effectiveness) at Drexel University College of Medicine, Behavioral Health Care Education (BHE). PRIME has a 17-year history of conducting multicultural education and training programs including an 18-day Certificate course, and a large network for marketing with health care professionals, including the Drexel-based Director of the National Center of Excellence of Women’s Health. BHE provides a very experienced infrastructure for events planning, meeting management and continuing education co-sponsorship in fields of medicine, nursing, social work, psychiatry and counseling. PRIME (formally Multicultural Training and Research Institute at Temple University) and Rainbow Child International have collaborated for two decades. Together we will network with multinational health professionals to provide their expertise to the seminars.

RCI has been involved with peace and multicultural education for 24 years. As advocates for children to have the best foundation possible for reaching their full human potential. Sandy Taylor, Director of RCI and member of the PRIME Council, has recently completed a book begun 30 years ago, entitled, MOTHERBIRTH: RECLAIMING THE POWER OF WOMEN FOR A PEACEFUL WORLD, which lays the groundwork for the proposed seminars and trainings.

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